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Fun Summer Treats That Won’t Wreck Your Teeth Feature

Fun Summer Treats That Won’t Wreck Your Teeth


The official start to summer means long, sunny days and cool, refreshing treats. But sometimes those cool treats can be hard on your teeth. Here are a few tips and options to keep your teeth in great shape this summer.

First, what to watch out for:

  • Sugar can eat away at your teeth’s enamel, cause excess bacteria growth and cavities. Look for naturally sweet treats instead of added sugars and syrups. If you do choose a sugary option, try to eat it right after a meal. The extra saliva can help rinse the sugar from your teeth.
  • Frozen treats can be hard for sensitive teeth to handle. If you find yourself cringing from more than just a temporary brain freeze, look for refrigerated or room temperature options instead of frozen.
  • Hard popsicles or ice can chip your teeth if you aren’t careful. Keep the biting and chewing to a minimum.

And now for the fun stuff!

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

You can make your own beautiful and tasty fruit popsicles with nothing but fruit, cups and sticks—no sugar needed. Check out these recipes for inspiration.

No time (or patience) to make your own? No problem. You can also find delicious no-sugar-added options like Outshine at your local grocery store.

If you’re sensitive to the cold temperatures, or simply can’t resist chomping down on a fresh treat, grab a naturally refreshing summer fruit like watermelon or berries.

DIY Ice Cream

Did you know you can make ice cream with one ingredient? Bananas! When frozen and blended, they turn into a delightful soft-serve consistency.

Fruit Smoothies

Making your own smoothie is the best way to control exactly what’s going in it, and you can adjust the flavors to your own taste. Check out these family-friendly recipes for ideas.


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a cold glass of clean, crisp water. But if you really want a soda, grab a straw as well. Straws limit your teeth’s exposure to sugar and acid.

For more ideas, read up on our 5 Food Swaps for Healthier Teeth.

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