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Introducing Cocorinse: Affordable Organic Oil Pulling Feature

Introducing Cocorinse: Affordable Organic Oil Pulling


Introducing Cocorinse

We’re so thrilled to announce our latest product: Cocorinse. We’ve worked hard to develop a premium oil pulling product made with the best ingredients, at a price that makes this transformative practice more affordable than ever. Oil pulling is starting to catch on, thanks to its many natural benefits: fresher breath, cleaner, brighter teeth and better overall oral health. Once you try it yourself, you’ll see why more people are switching from the harsh chemicals of mouthwash to this ancient, natural solution with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, plus gum-friendly vitamin E. While Cocorinse doesn’t replace brushing or flossing, it’s a healthy and enjoyable addition to your daily routine.

Better Ingredients

Cocorinse is made with cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil and 100% pure essential oils. We tested many different formulas before we landed on Cocorinse, which we believe has the perfect minty flavor and a smooth texture for swishing. Once we felt like we had the ideal flavor, we found a certified organic producer to bring Cocorinse to life.

A Better Price

Many single-use oil pulling products are downright expensive. Our goal was to give you the best possible product at a price that actually makes sense.

Firsthand Exploration

Before developing Cocorinse, our team tried oil pulling for thirty days straight. We noticed the benefits right away, from whiter teeth to fresher breath. After keeping at it for weeks, many of us went on to have our best dentist visits ever, and some of us swore we had healthier immune systems as a result. We can’t guarantee you’ll see the same benefits, but we hope you’ll try and see for yourself just what oil pulling can do. 

Developing Cocorinse

From our CEO, James, mixing up a test batch in his kitchen, to our team tasting different cocktails of essential oil flavors in meetings, making Cocorinse was an adventure. We went through several formulas before we landed on the best virgin coconut oil and our proprietary sweet mint flavor. We’re so happy with where we ended up, and we think you’ll love it too.

Our final product:

  • Naturally freshens breath and helps reduce bacteria in your mouth
  • Helps rinse away stains, leading to brighter teeth
  • Uses cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil and 100% pure essential oils
  • Contains none of the harsh, artificial chemicals that you might find in mouthwash
  • Is packaged in simple, tear-open servings that are easy to warm between your hands
  • Is easy to pack in your luggage for people who oil pull on the go

We hope you enjoy it! Here’s what our team had to say.

The Team on Cocorinse

James, Co-Founder and CEO: “I’ve always loved the fresh sensation of a mouthwash during my morning routine, but like many, I’ve become more conscious about products that I put in my body. That burning feeling that I’d been conditioned to think was cleaning is actually potentially harmful. I started mixing coconut oil and mint in my home and my mouth has never looked and felt healthier. Cocorinse is a safe, tasty, and effective addition to brushing and flossing.”

Amanda, Co-Founder and CMO: “I was a late entry to the oil-pulling game on Team Boka, but once I started, I really liked the way it made my mouth feel. I tried CocoWhite as well as just dipping from a big ol’ jar of coconut oil and mixing with peppermint, but I wanted everything I tried to be mintier! Always mintier. Right before we went into production, our CEO James gave me a plastic bag with a ball of coconut oil in it. He had mixed it in his kitchen in an effort to amp up the mint. This was the formulation I had been wanting! Can’t wait to be able to use it every day.” 

Ashleigh, Producer and Community Manager: “After trying oil pulling for a Boka blog post, I kept going (and going) when the month trial was over. I’m still going. As a slow riser in the morning, I love the quiet ritual of oil pulling, and it makes my teeth feel amazing. To make it a refreshing experience, I developed my own concoction of organic coconut oil and essential oils, and became very particular about the level of peppermint needed. I was a happy volunteer tester during our product development, and our blend tastes just like mine. Fancy that!” 

Alex, Designer: “Aside from getting the ingredients for Cocorinse perfect, we really wanted to be thoughtful about the packaging. Thankfully we were able to find a partner who could bring our ideas into reality. The packets are shaped so you can easily roll the packets between your palms to melt the rinse (since the rinse is all-natural, the ingredients can separate or harden in cooler temps). The packets are also recyclable, which is great since it’s a product that you’re using and throwing away once a day.”

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