Holiday Starter Kit – Boka

Holiday Starter Kit

  • $27.50 $39.50 (30% Off)
  • ★★★★★ 205 Reviews
  • Starter Kit Includes:
  • - Full-size 4oz Ela Mint nHa Toothpaste
    - Classic Toothbrush
  • - Rasana Tongue Cleaner
    - Ela Mint Floss Vegetable Wax

    🎁 Free Additional Toothpaste ($12 Value) 🎁

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Features To Smile About

Sonic Technology

The high frequency vibrations will deliver freshness into parts of your mouth that are rarely touched.


Gentle Yet Effective

Softer bristles help you avoid brushing too hard, which can lead to recessed gums and temperature sensitivity.


Designer Driven

Stainless-steel accents and a magnetic charging base means one less cord in your bathroom.


Timed Brushing

2 minute timer with 30-second alerts takes the guesswork out of brushing.

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The Reviews Are In

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"After four weeks of use, my teeth have never felt and looked better. This is my first sonic toothbrush, and I will never go back to a manual brush ever again!"

Marissa D.

"I love this toothbrush! It’s gentle on my gums, light in my hand, and the timer keeps

me focused for a good brush."

Anne B.

"The Boka brush feels really good when using it. I formerly had a Philips Sonicare Diamond, one for me and one for my wife. They both quit working with in a year and a half. The BOKA seems to be a much better product."

James A.

"This toothbrush is the best I have used. The bristles are soft enough not to cause soreness or erosion of my gums like some previous toothbrushes."

John H.

“As a high-quality alternative to a SoniCare toothbrush,
Boka’s sonic technology is ideal for plaque removal.”


“I’m proud to recommend Boka to my patients. It’s a great

way to bring natural, high-quality and innovative oral

health products directly to their door.”


"The Boka set up is legit, looks clean

and is gentle yet effective."

Dr. Amit Ganglani

Health Starts
with Your Mouth