Finding the Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Finding the Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a condition that affects a large number of individuals from all around the world!

It is generally caused by gum recession or when the enamel that protects your teeth becomes thinner, leading to severe discomfort.

If you have hypersensitive teeth, using the right toothpaste is vital. Going through a variety of oral care products can be overwhelming, but with the proper information, you can easily find the ideal choice. 

In this article, we’ll give a rundown of the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth and share valuable insights into the ingredients you need to look for.

Let’s begin!

Key Ingredients to Look for in Toothpastes for Sensitive Teeth

The effectiveness of any toothpaste for sensitive teeth will depend on the active ingredients that it uses.

Let’s dive into the key active ingredients that can directly provide your teeth and gums with both relief and protection: 

Nano-Hydroxyapatite (n-Ha)

Nano-hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring derivative of calcium phosphate found in your bones, saliva, and teeth. 

Calcium phosphates help to remineralize enamel and repair microscopic defects on the tooth surface. This can help strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity caused by enamel erosion.

Its synthetic version is a revolutionary material that serves as the future of toothpaste and dentistry as a whole. 

Many esteemed professionals are strong advocates for n-Ha because of its several unique remineralizing properties without the use of fluoride or artificial flavors. 

The synthetic form of nano-hydroxyapatite was first created by NASA in 1970 to help with teeth and bone restoration for astronauts. It was eventually used as the core ingredient in the world’s first enamel-restorative toothpaste. 

Decades later, over a hundred million nano-hydroxyapatite toothpastes have been sold.

While fluoride is proven to reduce tooth decay, it can also lead to a variety of negative health consequences

When it comes to regenerative dentistry, research shows that nano-hydroxyapatite is a more effective alternative to fluoride for fighting dentin hypersensitivity. 

It is an effective oral care ingredient that can significantly reduce teeth sensitivity by replacing lost minerals in your teeth. 

Since n-Ha is a mineral that is already found in the human body and has high bioavailability, nano-hydroxyapatite toothpastes have the capabilities to repair small holes in your dentin tubules, promote enamel remineralization, and fight tooth decay.

In fact, there is a wide array of nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste products gaining major popularity on the market today. 

Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)

The active ingredients in sensitive teeth toothpaste work by developing resistance to triggers such as sugar, cold, and heat. This resistance builds up over time and you will need to continue your use for lasting results. 

Potassium nitrate is a salt compound that is commonly found in toothpaste and other oral care products like mouthwash.

It works as a nerve-calming ingredient because the ions in potassium work to prevent the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the brain. 

Since potassium nitrate is found naturally occurring in vegetables like spinach, regulatory boards from all across the globe consider it to be an effective and safe treatment for tooth sensitivity. 

A study by The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) notes that dental products with potassium nitrate as an active ingredient can calm your teeth’s nerve activity to lessen discomfort when consuming sweet, sticky, cold, or hot foods and beverages. 

Strontium Chloride (SrCl2)

Strontium chloride is a silvery metal that is also used in sensitive teeth toothpaste to alleviate pain. It is less common compared to the other active ingredients on this list because its overall safety is still being researched. 

SrCl2 is a salt of strontium and chloride that is primarily used as an antibacterial medication. It is able to treat hypersensitivity, dental cavities, and gum inflammation by strengthening the teeth and promoting tooth remineralization. It is also shown to reduce the harmful effects of bacteria and acid on the teeth. 

Strontium chloride is another desensitizing agent that helps alleviate tooth sensitivity by blocking nerve impulses. It can be effective in reducing discomfort associated with hot, cold, or acidic foods and beverages.

As an active ingredient in toothpaste, it creates a barrier for the dentin tubules that contain the nerve endings that are exposed due to gum recession. This kind of barrier protection is useful for reducing tooth sensitivity. 

In a 1987 study by the Journal of Periodontology, strontium chloride has been noted to significantly decrease dentinal hypersensitivity over a 12-week period. 

Stannous Fluoride (SnF2)

While fluoride is becoming an increasingly outdated material in dentistry because of how it could potentially contribute to neurodegenerative disease, it is still considered a viable ingredient in sensitive teeth toothpaste. 

Fluoride is a mineral that has been historically used to fortify the enamel of your teeth. 

Stannous fluoride, on the other hand, is a stronger form of fluoride that is specifically designed to reduce teeth sensitivity. 

Aside from toothpaste, it can also be applied once or twice each year during regular dental cleanings as an added protective treatment for your teeth. 

Stannous fluoride works like a shield protecting the exposed dentin. It helps prevent teeth sensitivity by building a layer against the acids that degrade your tooth’s enamel, thus decreasing nerve stimulation

Our Top Picks for Sensitive Teeth

If you haven’t consulted with your dentist, here is our list of the best toothpaste options designed to help those with sensitive teeth: 

1. Ela Mint n-Ha Toothpaste

  • Price: $12
  • Key Ingredients: Nano-Hydroxyapatite, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Green Tea, Mint
  • Flavor Profile: Mint, Green Tea, Cardamom
  • Size: 1 tube, 4oz
  • Best For: People looking for a unique toothpaste made with highly advanced and all-natural ingredients

  • As a brand, Boka has a deep passion for all things related to dentistry. Because we focus on combining modern science with a holistic approach to health, our products are non-toxic and created with high-performing formulas. 

    They are fluoride-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, free of artificial flavoring, free of endocrine disruptors, and safe to swallow. 

    Ela Mint n-Ha is a powerful toothpaste that swaps fluoride for nano-hydroxyapatite to fortify and remineralize teeth. Not to mention that it also has the ability to whiten teeth, freshen breath, and help close the holes in enamel that cause tooth sensitivity. 

    Since nano-hydroxyapatite makes up 97% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentin, you can rest assured that Boka Toothpaste is completely biocompatible, naturally restorative, and especially helpful in relieving teeth sensitivity. 

    It is also complemented with soothing aloe vera, bacteria-fighting xylitol, antioxidant-rich green tea, and refreshing mint. To get a better idea of what we have to offer, you can check out our entire n-Ha toothpaste collection here.

    2. Sensodyne Pronamel Fresh Breath

  • Price: $14
  • Key Ingredients: Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Fluoride
  • Flavor Profile: Fresh Wave
  • Size: 1 tube, 4oz
  • Best For: Those searching for a great-tasting toothpaste that can provide fresh breath

  • Sensodyne Pronamel Fresh Breath is designed to target sensitive teeth while also hardening enamel. 

    It is a crucial element in preventing tooth sensitivity from developing or worsening over time because enamel loss leads to exposed dentin and dental nerves.

    This toothpaste’s main ingredients consist of fluoride and a large amount of potassium nitrate. 

    The fluoride is used for enamel protection, while the potassium nitrate is in charge of minimizing the painful sensitivity. It is an all-around good toothpaste option that can also fight bad breath and cavities! 

    3. Arm & Hammer Sensitive Teeth & Gums Toothpaste

  • Price: $9
  • Key Ingredients: Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Fluoride
  • Flavor Profile: Refreshing Mint
  • Size: 1 tube, 4.5oz
  • Best For: People in need of a more budget-friendly toothpaste

  • Although toothpaste made for sensitive teeth can come at a higher cost than regular toothpaste, brands like Arm & Hammer offer more affordable options with similar anti-sensitivity qualities. 

    It contains the same key ingredients as other sensitive teeth toothpaste but at a lower price point. The tube is even slightly larger, giving you more value for your money!

    Arm & Hammer Sensitive Teeth & Gums Toothpaste is a great choice for individuals with sensitive teeth who are also interested in a whitening option. 

    Aside from the potassium nitrate and sodium chloride, it also contains baking soda, which is responsible for its tooth-whitening properties. 

    4. Colgate Sensitive Prevent & Repair Toothpaste

  • Price: $17
  • Key Ingredients: Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Fluoride
  • Flavor Profile: Gentle Mint
  • Size: 3 tubes, 6oz
  • Best For: Those looking for a multi-pack option with great value

  • Colgate Sensitive Prevent & Repair Toothpaste is worth a try if you need maximum strength protection against sensitive teeth. At 5%, it contains the highest level of potassium nitrate allowed for toothpaste. 

    Similar to other brands on this list, Colgate Sensitive Prevent & Repair Toothpaste fights tooth sensitivity by prioritizing enamel health. 

    On top of that, Colgate’s use of fluoride can even help in repairing the weakened parts of the enamel layer. 

    5. Tom's of Maine Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste

  • Price: $10
  • Key Ingredients: Arginine, Calcium Carbonate
  • Flavor Profile: Fresh Mint
  • Size: 1 tube, 4oz
  • Best For: People searching for sensitive teeth toothpaste with a simpler ingredient list

  • If you are concerned with inactive ingredients such as artificial dyes and flavors found in certain toothpaste products, then Tom's of Maine Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste is one of your best options. It contains naturally derived ingredients like peppermint oil for freshness.

    It also consists of arginine and calcium carbonate to reduce dentin hypersensitivity. This duo functions by occluding dentin tubules, which is what causes sensitivity and pain when exposed. 

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