No seriously. Tell us about your toothbrush bristles. Give us the deets on your go-to floss. Mouthwash? Don’t even get us started.
  • Our passion for all-things-dental drives us to inspire more mindful oral care. It starts with proven ingredients and feel-good formulas — and culminates into a full-body experience. Because when you take care of your mouth, your whole body benefits. And when nature and science team up together, we all win.

    So here’s to your health, starting with your smile and spreading far beyond.


No time for toxins

We’ve been using oral care products without demanding the same level of accountability we expect from food and skincare brands. A great deal of conventional oral care is packed with junk and toxins you don’t want anywhere near your mouth.

Boka lives at the intersection of hard-hitting science and whole body health. When it comes to our products, we prioritize efficacy and well-being equally. That means creating non-toxic, high-performing formulas you can feel good about using.

  • Fluoride-free
  • Paraben-free
  • SLS-free
  • Free of artificial flavoring
  • Free of endocrine disruptors
  • Safe to swallow