PFAS-Free Floss

Ditch the harmful chemicals and floss with confidence! PFAS-free floss is becoming increasingly available, ensuring a healthier clean for you and your family.  These flosses are made with safe, high-quality materials and are just as effective at removing plaque and debris as traditional floss.

Questions About Boka PFAS-Free Floss

Have questions about Boka's PFAS-free floss? Browse our FAQs to learn how it can improve your oral care routine. Find out about PFAS health concerns and our floss's effectiveness.

What are PFAS and why are they a problem in dental floss?

PFAS are a group of harmful chemicals used for their water- and stain-resistant properties. In some traditional flosses, PFAS can potentially be absorbed into your body, posing concerns for long-term health.

Is PFAS-free floss as effective as traditional floss?

Yes! Ela Mint Floss is carefully designed with a vegetable wax coating and ideal thickness to remove plaque and debris just as well as traditional floss but without chemical concerns.

Are there other benefits to using Boka Floss?

Yes! In addition to being PFAS-free, our flosses are also free from BPA, Teflon, parabens, and SLS.

Does Boka Floss come in different flavors?

Yes! In addition to our classic Ela Mint, we also offer a Cinna Mint flavor for a warm, spicy twist.

Is Boka Floss suitable for sensitive gums?

Yes! Our gentle formula and smooth coating are designed to be comfortable even for those with sensitive gums.

How often should I replace my Floss?

Dentists generally recommend replacing your floss container every 1-2 months to prevent bacteria build-up and maintain optimal hygiene.