Whitening Toothpaste

Achieve a brighter, more confident smile with our top-rated n-Ha toothpaste. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals! This gentle formula is perfect for sensitive teeth. It whitens teeth, freshens breath, and fights bacteria for a healthier smile.
Questions About Boka Whitening Toothpaste

Upgrade your smile with n-Ha! This NASA-approved ingredient whitens, strengthens, and gently soothes teeth. From ingredients to effectiveness, we'll answer your burning questions about this game-changing toothpaste.

What exactly is n-Ha and how does it work?

Nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) is a biocompatible form of calcium that makes up the majority of your tooth enamel. 

Unlike fluoride, which can work by temporarily hardening the outer layer of teeth, n-Ha actually integrates with your existing enamel, rebuilding and strengthening it at the microscopic level. 

This makes it a great option for those with sensitive teeth or those looking for a natural way to protect and whiten their smiles.

I'm used to the foamy feeling of regular toothpaste. Is this different?

Yes, since this toothpaste is free of harsh foaming agents like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), you might notice less foam while brushing.  

Rest assured, the toothpaste is still working to clean your teeth and promote a healthy mouth. Many people find the gentler sensation more pleasant.

Is this toothpaste safe for children?

Although n-Ha toothpaste is safe to swallow, we recommend using our kids' toothpaste. If unsure, consult your child's dentist or pediatrician before altering their oral care routine.

How long will it take to see whiter teeth?

Individual results will vary, but many people start noticing a brighter smile within a few weeks of consistent use.  

The whitening effect of n-Ha toothpaste comes from its ability to gently remove surface stains and strengthen enamel, revealing your teeth's natural whiteness.

Is this toothpaste vegan and gluten-free?

Yes! Our toothpaste is completely vegan-friendly. Additionally, it does not contain any gluten-derived ingredients, making it a great choice for those with gluten sensitivities.

What other benefits does this toothpaste offer besides whitening?

While its whitening abilities are a major plus, our n-Ha toothpaste also promotes overall oral health. 

It helps rebuild tooth enamel, which can reduce sensitivity. The inclusion of xylitol helps fight bacteria and keep your breath fresh. Plus,  soothing ingredients like aloe vera provide a gentle cleaning experience.