Complete dental care kits for a healthy smile. Boka's oral care kits include everything you need for a complete oral care routine in one convenient kit.

Questions About Oral Care Kit

Oral care kits are a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In this FAQ section, we'll answer all your questions about oral care kits.

What is an oral care kit?

An oral care kit or dental care kit is a package containing essential dental hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and other such tools. It offers a complete set for maintaining oral health and promoting good hygiene practices.

What are the benefits of using a dental care kit?

Using a dental care kit offers several benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive Care: Provides all necessary dental products in one package for thorough oral hygiene.
  • Convenience: Streamlines your dental routine with easy access to all essentials.
  • Healthy Habits: Encourages consistent dental habits, fostering long-term oral health.
  • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable than purchasing individual products separately.
  • Travel-Friendly: Compact kits are convenient for travel, ensuring oral care on the go.

What are the items included in Boka’s oral care kit?

Boka's complete oral care kit includes a comprehensive set of dental essentials:

  • Toothpaste: 1 tube, 4oz, for effective cleaning and freshness.
  • Toothbrush: 1 classic brush with activated charcoal bristles.
  • Dental Floss: 1 pack, 30 yards, for thorough interdental cleaning.
  • Tongue Cleaner: 1 Rasana Tongue Cleaner to improve oral hygiene.
  • Mouthwash Tablets: 1 pack, 90 tablets, of Restore Mouthwash for minty-fresh breathl.

This complete kit ensures a thorough oral care routine, promoting healthy teeth and gums.